The Faith of the Centurion

I took leave today and I woke up with such a yearning to know God better through studying the gospel. I have been reading since this morning and again (this afternoon) I continued in this fashion and came across a story that has truly convicted my heart in the ways of The Lord.

As I type this post, I am leaning and stretching over my bible with the story that I have just learned - That of 'The Faith of The Centurion'.

In this story we learn a number of valuable things to remember in the Christian walk and faith. We learn about a Roman officer, who by his birth and citizenship, is supposed to completely be naturalized against Christ and His power and authority. And yet, this centurion APPROACHES Jesus and asks Him to heal his (the Roman officer's) servant. That is just one of the very many marvels! The fact that some who would naturally think he has more authority and power over Jesus to humbly ask Him to heal his friend was just incredible.

Secondly, he (the Roman officer) asks not on behalf of his ailing servant, but on the basis of his love for this person that in the Roman city was thought o be below him. Who knows that this servant though of Jesus as the officer did - that is power and his authority. If anything, I have come to believe that there was probably no respect for Jesus among the group of officers and the Romans had enslaved the Jews (which Jesus was). This officer humble himself in front of the Lord, and not because of his servants faith, but because of his (the officer's) faith was the servant healed. This ultimately teaches us the the power of intercessory prayer! And if anything, it should encourage us even more to pray for others than I do for myself.

Thirdly, this servant was a loving servant. It was not thought of that an officer would try to help heal someone who takes instruction from him, but that he would rather to just do away with him. Here we are taught that when people soften their hearts, something good comes out of it. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Fourth, due to this account of the gospel (that a Gentile approached Jesus for healing and healing came from a far place) are we assured that He is open, accepting and faithful to those who believe in him; to men and women of faith! Jesus even continues to say, I tell you, many will come from East and West and recline at the table, while sons of the kingdom will be thrown into the outer darkness. This means that people from different backgrounds will sit at table with Him and be reconciled to him. And these are not people just born into faith by birth (sons of Abraham), but rather people born to Him through FAITH! I am convicted!

Ultimately, this story is telling us to have faith like the centurion - not just because we were born into a family of believers, but because we are truly convicted of God's son Jesus Christ and how he came to save us - not by our works, but by our faith and His and our love for one another. :)

Prayer: Father, I thank You that you are a good God. I thank You that You have come into the earth not to condemn us because of our nature and citizenship, but rather that You have come to save us. You are merciful and I thank You for your love upon man. Ultimately, it is not by our church status, how often we tithe, our works, our positions here on earth, but rather, it is by Your love for us that we are reconciled with You. I thank You that you do not turn a deaf ear on a believe, humble and desperate heart, but rather that You show love and pour out Your spirit upon your kind. Dear Lord, thank you for the opportunity to intercede on behalf of others. The opportunity to pray for another went unwavered and I thank You that you kept to Your word. have mercy on me for not practicing more of this, and give me the strength to intercede for man. Thank You, o Father. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen


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