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The Faith of the Centurion

I took leave today and I woke up with such a yearning to know God better through studying the gospel. I have been reading since this morning and again (this afternoon) I continued in this fashion and came across a story that has truly convicted my heart in the ways of The Lord.

As I type this post, I am leaning and stretching over my bible with the story that I have just learned - That of 'The Faith of The Centurion'.

In this story we learn a number of valuable things to remember in the Christian walk and faith. We learn about a Roman officer, who by his birth and citizenship, is supposed to completely be naturalized against Christ and His power and authority. And yet, this centurion APPROACHES Jesus and asks Him to heal his (the Roman officer's) servant. That is just one of the very many marvels! The fact that some who would naturally think he has more authority and power over Jesus to humbly ask Him to heal his friend was just incredible.

Secondly, he (the Roman officer)…