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Father, forgive me

My God; My Father; Abba...

I have fallen astray. 
Have mercy on me. 
I write this post with a heavy heart. Tears are streaming down my face as though all I feel is held in these mere tear drops of mine that are unworthy of Your ear. ... of Your heart.
Funny how this is. Gravity is directing my tears in a downward direction when it's commonly thought that You are only up in the sky somewhere. And yet I've come to know that You are everywhere; all around; omnipresent. 
Words fail me. I'm very good expressing myself through feelings but not so much through words. I am, however, intentional becoming better at this for spoken word and prayer is important in the Christian journey.  
I have disobeyed You and I know it - I've known it for the longest time. It doesn't come as a surprise to me as, although I wouldn't define myself as someone who isn't well taught (and by well taught I don't mean that I haven't received good teaching, I just mean that I have n…